SME Heroes: Samsys is in the Top 3

November 15, 2018

SME Heroes: Samsys is in the Top 3

O SME Heroes Award is a project by Yunit Consulting and SIC Notícias, to give visibility to the stories of SMEs that daily outweigh the most incredible challenges.

The application process involved making known the history and the entire path of Samsys, the vision and entrepreneurial courage, which motivated her to make the important decision to give “the jump” and the impact it has had on the local community.

Samsys has been in the market since 1997 and operates in one of the most competitive business areas in Portugal, Information Technologies. For this reason, it was necessary, in 2012, a time of crisis, to provide situations of networking to connect people and bring them value. Thus came the one who is the largest free personal and professional development event in Portugal, the DDC Samsys.

DDC Samsys was never carried out with the aim of promoting products, but rather to address issues that affect people who want to be successful. Today, it can be seen that the 7 editions organized gave a lot of visibility, credibility and ended up, indirectly, helping to generate 3 million euros of invoicing annually. The first steps have already been taken to internationalize the company and this is the path we want to take and we will only rest when the world knows us!

The organization of the DDC by the Samsys Academy was the main leap for Samsys to be where it is today!

We never hesitated to reach for whatever it was and today, we are deeply ambitious, dreamy and grateful Humans.

We are immensely proud to bring value to the community where we operate. The market demanded that we be more than a company that sells technology, and we were ambitious: we wanted to be a company with extensive Consulting solutions, which also sells technology.

We are a team focused on being better and better, agile and attentive to what the market needs. Here and there.

“20 years from now we will be one of the 100 best companies to work for in Portugal, we will involve 1500 entrepreneurs in a single event, we will be able to earn more than three million euros annually, we will go to Hong Kong to attend inspirational lectures, we will have more than 50 helpers, we will be distinguished as PME Líder year after year and we will extend our services to the whole world”. If my brother had told me this, in that room, when it all started…I would have thought it would be true!

Samuel Soares and Ruben Soares, CEO's Samsys


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SME Heroes: Samsys is in the Top 3

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