XD Rest – Restoration Management

December 12, 2018

XD Rest – Restoration Management

The next Michelin star could be yours with XD Rest.

There is no business where exceptional service and human interaction is the most central factor for success than in the Restaurant sector. Did you know that most people, when they go to lunch/dinner, care more about the quality of the service than about the food, decoration and location?

Restoration – An increasingly competitive sector

XD Rest Software Restoration

Did you know that almost 24 thousand companies appeared in the first half of the year? Two thirds of the companies created (almost 15) in the first half of the year are in the sectors that have benefited the most from the tourism boost. Vehicle trade and repair lead with +5%, accommodation and catering is the second largest, with 2980 new companies (11%). Your business is increasingly competitive.

People increasingly go out to eat for a variety of reasons. A structural shift in our economy that is driven by demographic and consumer trends. There has been considerable market growth in the Restaurant sector in recent years, which has sustained significant transactional activity, particularly in the last two years.

A Specialized Team – update your establishment

XD Rest Management Software

Um software for managing Restaurants, Cafes, Pizzerias and Confectioneries, prepared for the most complex configurations of establishments, such as the XD Rest It could be the transformation your establishment needs.

Samsys has been an XD Software partner since 2012, and has a specialized team, which implements and gives continuity to services XD.

Restoration establishments must change their focus and invest in IT and Technological solutions that allow them to carry out a large part of their management autonomously, thus focusing their efforts on the Human Resources they have.

Many restaurants are created for the sole purpose of generating revenue. While this may be acceptable logic for other types of businesses, when it comes to the Restoration, a genuine passion for service must be at the root of everything. The desire to provide a service and make stranger friends feel welcome are the only reasons to be in the Restoration business and survive in the long run.

To cultivate loyalty to your restaurant business, should make its employees feel part of the family and not only wear the jersey but all the complete equipment. That's why it's important that everyone, from the owner to the general manager, knows the basic numbers of the restaurant, what the monthly sales targets are, what the budget magnitudes are. Knowledge helps every member of your team make the right decisions in every role they play.

XD Rest

 XD Rest - Restoration Software

Being on the same page. Work towards the same goal. Inspired by the same vision.

Advantages & Features

Touch or Keyboard

Allows installation in Touch Screen and/or Keyboard environment Room Design

Create and configure rooms with realistic tables and objects, you can even set prices and VAT by Zones Fast-food

Creating menus in stages like Fast-Food or automatic Menu of the day type

Delivery Module

Manages orders via telephone service for home deliveries or Takeaway Table Transfers

Blocking tables, transferring, booking tables and viewing occupancy time Pizzeria Module

Register pizzas simply and efficiently, controlling ingredients, sizes and observations

Blind Closing of Cash

Blind closing, control of entry, exit, indication of working capital and bleeding Kitchen Monitor or Production Printer

Place orders for kitchen monitor or printers Discount Systems

Discount by percentage, by value. Discount indicating the final total amount that the customer will pay on the account

Current Account Management

Current account management of customers, posting of invoices and receipts, partial payments and limitation of credits to customers inventories

Communication of Inventories to AT with the possibility of stock adjustment by excel sheet multipayment

Allows you to pay a sale in different payment methods. For example, part cash, part visa.

Our specialist team in advice, implementation and support is prepared for the most complex configurations of your establishment.

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XD Rest – Restoration Management

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